Can you handle the truth?

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Posted on: 2017-02-14 14:57:09 , Updated on: 2017-08-16 16:48:12 Can you handle the truth?

Truth is more cruel than the mensonge. It seems better to swallow a sugar coated pill than to take a sip of a bitter truth.

Humans tend to create their own perceptions of reality which are at moments hallucinating, intriguing and more meaningful for the reasons they have invented to mask their irrationalities, impartialities, injustices and all such inclinations, except for a few who could rise with the courage to take it direct into the face, which they accumulate over a life time, with the capability of putting on like medals, every of their defeat, any falsely placed confidence, all the attached strings, hidden moments of shame, covered humiliations, insults or the rare moments of the weakness which can characterize them to be excluded altogether from the set of humans.

So, can you handle it?

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