Microsoft Windows 10 RS2 (x64) - 'win32kfull!bFill' Pool Overflow

siberas 2017-10-06 local windows_x86-64

Exploits for the recently-patched win32kfull!bFill vulnerability. Executing the Palette or Bitmap exploit will give you SYSTEM privileges on the affected system. The exploits should work fine on Windows 10 x64 with Creators Update, build 15063.540 (latest version of Win10 before the release of Microsoft's September Updates).

The Visual Studio solution contains three exploits:

CVE-2016-3309_Reloaded_Bitmaps: Exploit using the Bitmaps technique
CVE-2016-3309_Reloaded_Palettes: Exploit using the Palettes technique
CVE-2016-3309_Reloaded_Deadlock: POC exploit showcasing the system deadlock which happens due to improved Handle validation

We also published a blog post ( which goes into detail about the exploitation of this "wild" Pool-based overflow.

Proof of Concept: