Good bye 2006

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Posted on: 2006-12-31 21:18:01 , Updated on: 2016-11-26 17:22:18

I would dedicate my poem "Blind Witness" from my novel "Meek shall inherit the earth" (not yet complete) to the year 2006. The poem was written a few years back and was written in the context of crimes against humanity on a global scale.

Blind Witness

Bloodshed, Pain, Despair and darkness, Can't see it no more.

Oh God, Just turn me blind, Turn me blind.

I wanna live a life in peace, And wanna dance in the streets, With the child of every age, But they wanna crush it all, With a bloody massacre.

Killings on the road, Where humanity shies, And the life dies, Can't see it no more.

I'll knock on the doors, I'll go to the courts, I'll tell'em the truth, 'cause I witnessed it all.

The innocence of children, The hope of the youth, The faith of the age, Man and his fate, All crucified!

I've seen it all, But can't see it no more.

Oh God, Just turn me blind, Turn me blind.

In the dreams you know, Where the flowers bloom, And the children smile, No more cries of sorrow and pain, No more sights of starve and shame, 'cause I can hear no more, And I can see no more.

I am a witness, blind.

By Irfan R. TOOR