How to manually install Palm OS on a LifeDrive

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Posted on: 2010-03-27 16:36:40 , Updated on: 2017-08-16 17:36:20 How to manually install Palm OS on a LifeDrive

So your LifeDrive HDD has died or you've somehow managed to wipe it? These instructions explain (AT YOUR

OWN RISK) how to reinstall Palm OS manually. This will definitely void your warranty, so you're best off getting Palm to do it instead if you can. You can also use this technique and customise the ROM zip. For example I just fully removed that annoying AddIt program. Stuff you need:

  • CF card reader or IDE->CF adapter
  • PC running Linux or similar (*BSD would probably do as well)
  • Standard GNU system utils (dd, cat, xargs etc)
  • UnZip
  • CabExtract
  • Unshield
  • Subversion you could use the SF ViewVC interface instead
  • Python - probably at least version 2.4 for the base64 decoding

Automatic way:

To automagically create a new ROM and even write it to disk, try these steps:

$ git clone
$ cd modrom
$ ./
Updated to match Sourceforge's new subversion setup. If you tried it earlier and it failed while looking for, it will work now.