I'm Famous on Google or what?

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Posted on: 2010-05-21 02:30:13 , Updated on: 2017-08-16 17:24:58 I'm Famous on Google or what?

Searching Irfan TOOR on Google renders 2 660 000 results. Is it a symbol that I have become famous or that the famous search engine has gone mad about my name?

I love searching through google as well, but I have not done so many searches on google so far. But, since, only google has the capacity of presenting my searches against my name or cross referenced against my interests, I'll consider it some what real as well. <blockquote>Only if I could be served with my private portal at google, to present me a complete web-log of my research activities which I can link to any blogging system or can link it to any relational or no-sql db, and can get back to my researches later with automatically added x-references of related on-going research, the related tendencies, enriched with the clusters of related images and videos.</blockquote>