Neo-economy and Google's love for pac-man

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Posted on: 2010-05-22 17:25:31 , Updated on: 2017-08-16 17:23:34 Neo-economy and Google's love for pac-man

Google wants you to insert the coin for playing "the game". I tried inserting the "google money", "google coin" and "coin" etc. but these variants don't function or perhaps google is collecting all of the variants to select the best.

<!--more--> So, pac-man fans, just hang around 'cause google is trying to set a playground for the rest of the engines and the me-too kind of companies born out of the eve's mistake of her unauthorized byte. This set up might move drastically the stakes of certain businesses established around google's financial model creating a phenomena of "neo-economy" - which is as diversified as the priorities of each living individual, as generic as the survival instincts of the humans yet encapsulating divine sense of every individual's existence at its core, thus establishing an omnipresent model which, considering the very need of human beings' social interaction, can be exploited to its best by using the technologies like telecommunication, wireless, nano-technology, networks and all that really maters. This phenomena will create niche in every existing market thus transforming the larger social economies into smaller effective, flexible, independent and reflexive neo-economic units.

Don't tell me its the internet and its already there. The internet is just the beginning, and so is the google's love for pac-man. Now the important thing will be the reaction of the big operators in all the related domains and the googles' forgotten "do no evil" mantra.