Trap of Materialism

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Posted on: 2017-02-28 13:30:13 , Updated on: 2017-02-28 13:39:19 Trap of Materialism

<blockquote>Materialism enslaves the human mind so much that we become consumers, and become dependent on materialism. We are no longer an intelligent and independent species. We are afraid to live without cell phones, cars, houses, makeup, money, machines, televisions, fashion and jewelry. No one has intelligent, empathetic and emotional human interaction anymore. Materialism is slavery. Cars, government and machines create pollution. Acid Rain, Deforestation and Global Warming are real.<!--more-->

Makeup kills over 300,000 animals each year through testing. Testing creates diseases. Money funds the governments affairs and creates poverty and war for us. Fashion tells us how we should look and live our lives and sexualizes the human body and creates discrimination. Fashion itself is like porn, we dress up for sex appeal and sexual attraction. We become sex slaves. Television and even the radios music feeds us false perceptions about love, life and happiness and feeds us millions of advertisements so we can consume more materialism. Our youth grows up lacking psychological and emotional maturity because they are spoiled in materialism from a young age, and become greedy, undeveloped and dependent. Parents don't know how to teach their children. They just give them materialism, and then hand them over to government and society to raise them. Eating chemical food and pills, polluting the Earth, being a work and war slave, watching television, being a sex slave, buying fashion and making and spending money isn't a life worth living. We are no longer human.

- Victor Villagomez</blockquote>