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Redway Security Splunk 9.0.5 - admin account take over
webapps multiple CVE-2023-32707
Kai Feng OpenPLC WebServer 3 - Denial of Service
dos multiple
nu11secur1ty Shuttle-Booking-Software v1.0 - Multiple-SQLi
webapps php
nu11secur1ty Limo Booking Software v1.0 - CORS
webapps php
Mirabbas Ağalarov Webedition CMS v2.9.8.8 - Blind SSRF
webapps php
Mohammed Adel Atcom 2.7.x.x - Authenticated Command Injection
remote hardware
1337kid BoidCMS v2.0.0 - authenticated file upload vulnerability
webapps php CVE-2023-38836
Antonio Francesco Sardella Cacti 1.2.24 - Authenticated command injection when using SNMP options
webapps php CVE-2023-39362
Furkan Karaarslan Wordpress Sonaar Music Plugin 4.7 - Stored XSS
webapps php
Mirabbas Ağalarov Coppermine Gallery 1.6.25 - RCE
webapps php
Florent MONTEL Media Library Assistant Wordpress Plugin - RCE and LFI
webapps php CVE-2023-4634
nu11secur1ty WEBIGniter v28.7.23 File Upload - Remote Code Execution
webapps php
Revan Arifio Wordpress Plugin Masterstudy LMS - 3.0.17 - Unauthenticated Instructor Account Creation
webapps php CVE-2023-4278
Jenson Zhao Minio 2022-07-29T19-40-48Z - Path traversal
webapps go CVE-2022-35919
Moein Shahabi Microsoft Windows 11 - 'apds.dll' DLL hijacking (Forced)
local windows
LiquidWorm Tinycontrol LAN Controller v3 (LK3) 1.58a - Remote Admin Password Change
remote hardware