1. Make this world a better place, by an active and conscious effort.
  2. Put AI and Information Technology to the best usage of humankind.
  3. Transform downtrodden zones of the world into creative and cultural centers.
  4. Empower humanity.
  5. Social connectivity through human interaction.
  6. Solutions and suggestions for the resolution of international affairs.
  7. Creation of a think-tank, powered by AI*.
  8. Create solutions to reduce the gaspillage of the world.
  9. Help create the inclusive governments.
  10. Create the foundations for purposeful living.

— Irfan TOOR


Irfan TOOR

Irfan TOOR is an Engineer (Civil + AI), and an Innovator, passionate about the Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Cyberspace and Cybersecurity.

He obtained his first degree in Civil Engineering from UET (1993), and obtained his second degree of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (Master 2) from OC (2023).

In his own words: "I love coding, optimizing and at times re-inventing."
— Irfan TOOR

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